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At Samson Hair Restoration, our goal has never been to deliver just “good” hair transplant services; rather, we strive to deliver truly exceptional hair transplants and restoration procedures to our patients throughout the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara areas. We work diligently to provide the highest quality of services to our patients. In order to do this, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our hair transplant procedures. We cannot rest on our laurels, assuming that we are doing things just “well enough.” We can always be better, which is why we are constantly looking for innovative ways to help our patients obtain the most from hair restoration procedures.

Zone Restoration

One of the many services that we provide to our patients is the hair loss zone restoration approach. This approach involves hair transplants in a particular area of the scalp, or a specific “zone.” You and your physician will work together to determine where the transplant zone will be, and we will develop a personalized system to help you obtain maximum impact for the hair loss zone. Our patient-friendly approach helps each of our patients get the most from their hair loss treatment at a cost that they can afford.

Pyllo Anesthesia System

Many patients have a fear of the pain of a hair transplant procedure. At Samson Hair Restoration, we recognize that pain can play a huge factor in whether or not you decide to undergo a transplant or come back for a second procedure. Because of this fear of pain, we have worked with leading anesthesiologists to develop a system of dermatophoertic induction anesthesia that we call our Pyllo Anesthesia System. This anesthetic procedure has proven so effective that most patients feel little to no pain and feel compelled to return for a second procedure as needed.

Quadrian Hairline Technique

The Quadrian Hairline Technique helps eliminate the unsightly look of “doll’s hair” that plugs or other hairline restoration techniques can produce. Using this technique, we focus on key variables in hairline design: location, shape texture, and composition. Our results are outstanding: We can create natural, full heads of hair that look as if you never experienced hair loss at all!

Renaissance Technique

Most people who undergo hair transplantation need at least two procedures to achieve satisfactory results; however, they also are worried about how they will look in between procedures. No wants to look half done, especially when the results can be so dramatic, which is why Samson Hair Restoration developed the Renaissance Technique. This technique results in a natural, yet thinning look after just one procedure. With the use of this procedure, you can obtain a natural look and afford time between treatments without looking unnatural or incomplete.

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