What is our WHY?

While Samson is not a nonprofit, the Founders of Samson wholeheartedly believe in giving back to society. There are several charities that are close to our heart, but one cause in particular that Samson most wants to promote: helping battered women and children.

Samson is pledging to donate a portion of the proceeds from every procedure to battered women’s and children’s charities, specifically the safe homes that help them get back on their feet, restart their lives, and get the therapy they need.

We at Samson view ourselves as more than just another cosmetic surgery practice looking to build our business. There is a purpose beyond mere commerce. Our practice is also a vehicle to lift up those less fortunate.

As you will notice, our procedures are priced very fairly. We are not the least expensive and we are nowhere near the most. Yet, we believe, and our clients tell us, our quality is second to none. The philosophy behind our pricing is to make these life-changing procedures available to a broad swath of the patient population. You shouldn’t have to be rich to get a world-class hair transplant procedure.

Sure, we could charge more, but that would make the procedures financially out of reach for many patients. Again, it’s not all about commerce.

Hair loss is a struggle for all people experiencing it. No one wants to lose their hair. It affects every socio-economic group. There is a loss of control associated with the phenomenon that erodes one’s confidence and self-image, regardless of your means.

We try to regard every patient as an individual. Each one gets specialized service and gets treated like their story matters. Because it does. Our focus is outside ourselves. It is on our patients. True, we run a profit-making company, but that alone is too narrow of a definition of who we are.

That is what leads us back to charity. We are fortunate to have created a successful practice. We choose to share our success with others who’ve faced difficulty, who’ve endured a different, and perhaps more devastating, loss of control. This is the world of battered women and children. Theirs is a world of loss of control too. Theirs is a world of damaged self-image and deteriorated self-worth. Theirs is a world of physical as well as emotional pain.

THEIR story matters TOO.
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