Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Transplant

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Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a procedure that is commonly used to harvest healthy hair from a donor area and transplant it to the needed site. This procedure allows doctors to achieve a natural hairline and pattern using the patient’s own hair.

FUE is a top choice for many individuals who are looking to restore fullness to their hair. This hair loss treatment does not leave major scarring, and many patients are able to recover quickly from the entire procedure. Additionally, FUE can be used to correct hairlessness from an existing hair transplant scar and provide patients with a complete, seamless hair pattern.

To determine whether you are eligible for this hair loss procedure, it is important that you contact Samson Hair Restoration today and speak with a Los Angeles hair restoration doctor from our team.

What Does the Procedure Look Like?

Unlike a traditional grafting procedure, FUE allows individual harvesting of hair follicles. Generally, this procedure can be completed within one to two days, depending on the size of the area being treated and the amount of time spent harvesting and placing follicles. During an FUE procedure, a small surgical instrument makes circular incisions around the hair follicle, which is then extracted. The wounds tend to be small – approximately 1 mm around – and heal within a few days.

Note: This video contains blood.

This video showcases the actual process of Follicular Unit Extraction at Samson Hair Restoration. You will notice there is NO wasted effort. The FUEs are extracted at high efficiency with no wasted motion. With a less skilled practice, there may be multiple extraction efforts and the grafts will not come out as perfectly as they do here in this video. The grafts may come out without follicles on them or the follicles may be transected and damaged.

It is very important that when you choose your practice, they know what they are doing and that they are not “practicing” on your grafts. Hair transplants are a matter of supply and demand. If they deplete your supply then you will not have enough grafts to meet your demand!

Are You a Good Candidate for a FUE Transplant?

If you are looking to restore your hairline to its natural fullness, you may be a good candidate for FUE. Of course, no two patients are ever the same, and determining the best course of treatment for an individual’s specific situation requires the advice of an experienced medical expert. If you have questions or concerns regarding your situation, do not hesitate to contact Samson Hair Restoration today and speak with a trusted Los Angeles hair restoration professional from our office. Schedule a consultation to get started.

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