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If you suffer from hair loss of any degree, you are not alone.
You are among millions of Americans who face untimely balding
or thinning of hair. Fortunately, modern medicine and
technology have provided several solutions to hair loss.

The experts at Samson Hair Restoration have mastered
techniques that give people back their hair and their

We utilize the latest in cosmetic and medical technology to

At Samson Hair Restoration, we understand that when you
start to lose your hair, you can lose sight of your true
identity, confidence, and self-esteem.
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Hair Restoration Solutions for the Individual

These cutting-edge procedures are performed by some of the most knowledgeable, skilled experts in hair restoration. Our
team works to provide Los Angeles residents with the services
they need to regain their boldness as individuals in one of
the most revered areas in the world.

Research has only confirmed what we already knew: that a full
head of hair makes you look young and vibrant as well as
improve your outlook on life. We believe in client
satisfaction and commit to walking you through each step until
you are happy with your restored hair.

  • 1. Getting to know you
  • 2. Analyzing your physiological & cosmetic features
  • 3. Presenting viable hair restoration options
  • 4. Helping you build an individualized treatment plan
  • 5. Performing the procedures with expert skill
  • 6. Following up for aftercare education and maintaining lasting results

I watched a movie, ate lunch and talked with the staff throughout the procedure.
I watched a movie, ate lunch and talked with the staff throughout the procedure. There was very little discomfort. After the first procedure, I am not the least bit hesitant in having a second procedure if required


Great doctors with great results.
“Great doctors with great results.”

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Hair Transplant Consultations for Los Angeles and All of
Southern California!

Are you ready to reclaim your natural essence and self-confidence? Revisit your youthful appeal and true beauty with our trusted hair restoration treatment solutions.

We offer military discounts and affordable payment options to ensure that each individual receives the best possible experience with our facility. If you are in the Los Angeles, San Diego, or Santa Barbara areas and you are looking to obtain a full head of hair again, contact Samson Hair Restoration and schedule a consultation today!

*Disclaimer: Professional services are provided by physicians from Samson Medical Group