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Need to find a natural-looking solution to your receding hairline? Work with a hair transplant doctor who can make sure that you look and feel your best.

At Samson Hair Restoration, our main concern is customer satisfaction and we don’t stop until you are completely happy with your restored hair. Our philosophy always includes:

  • Understanding your goals
  • Analyzing your features to learn how best to treat you
  • Providing your personalized hair restoration options
  • Building a hair loss treatment plan that is tailored to your needs

Once we finalize your plan, one of our board-certified hair transplant doctors will expertly perform a procedure on your hairline. Once completed, we make sure to follow up and maintain lasting results.

We’re ready to give you back your hair and your confidence. Call (818) 345-7112 to get started on your custom hair restoration plan!

Our Team Of Highly-Trained Medical Professionals

Are Hair Transplants Worth It?

The physicians at Samson Hair Restoration are comprised of a talented & experienced team who have been working in the hair restoration field for many years.

  • Each of our doctors is board-certified and has outstanding credentials.
  • We have a reputation for excellence in the medical field and with former clients.
  • Each physician has aesthetic awareness so our patients can have the best looking hairline possible.

In addition, we offer concierge services for our out-of-town patients, as well as military discounts to men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces. Please call and ask for a free consultation today!

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How Does Hair Transplantation Work?

Some of the hairs on your head are genetically resistant to balding patterns, and these hairs are often selected to be donor hair follicles. Your physician will locate the area of the donor’s hair and determine where the restoration site will be. The donor tissue is prepared for surgery, and the follicles are harvested.

The grafted hair follicles are placed onto the scalp using patterns that imitate a natural hair growth pattern. This procedure is generally performed using local anesthesia, and very minimal pain is felt during this process. After the procedure, your own donated hair will begin to grow to produce a natural look on your scalp. You may also be interested in researching hairline restoration.

Am I Eligible for a Hair Transplant?

You can achieve the full head of hair that you are seeking in numerous ways, but one of the most effective ways is through hair transplants. There are three main factors that help your physician determine whether you are eligible for a hair transplant procedure, they include:

  • Your age – If you are too young, you may not be eligible. As you age, you will naturally lose density in your hair, and the results of a hair loss procedure can be significantly diminished as you naturally lose existing hair in the future.
  • The size of the area to be treated – For most individuals, the area of hair that needs to be transplanted and the size of the donor hair area should be small enough that any transplantation will look natural.
  • Condition of your scalp – Besides hair loss, an otherwise healthy scalp is recommended to ensure that optimum results are achieved. Eczema or other pre-existing conditions can decrease the effectiveness of the hair transplant procedure.

Get Your Hair Back

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Our Los Angeles hair transplant methods are considered more effective and natural-looking than old plug procedures that created a “doll-like” hairline. Our physicians are highly trained professionals, and we work hard to ensure that each of our patients is as comfortable with our work as we are. We answer any questions that you may have and diligently provide solutions for pattern baldness. Our facility only uses the latest in hair restoration technology, and because we are a boutique-style office, we can provide you with undivided and personalized attention. We have provided our specialization to the greater Los Angeles area as well as Lancaster and San Diego.

If you are interested in learning more about our office and want to determine your eligibility for hair transplants, contact Samson Hair Restoration today and speak with a Los Angeles hair restoration physician now!

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